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How much is an hour worth to you!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

You remember how when you were a child a summer day felt like an eternity? Do you ever feel like some weeks pass by quicker than a childhood summer day? I know I do!

We don't normally think of it this way but we sell a large part of our life by necessity. We use a large part of our lives for providing for our families and taking care of responsibilities on a day to day basis. We normally are so exhausted from work and obligations that we can't enjoy what little time we do have left. Most of my days, it seems like there is little time left but to eat, sleep, shower and repeat. Most of us have hectic schedules filled with days that we run once our feet hit the floor and we don't stop until our head hits the pillow at night. I often feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done that NEEDS to be done, much less what I WANT to get done.

This was normal day to day life before the pandemic...

Then BOOM! The world stopped for the first time in years. Families went home and stayed there. We learned the value of time. I feel like lwe all "knew it", but didn't quite grasp the concept. Time is the new currency.

So today, I would love to leave this piece of advice I gave to a younger mother about time. She is a young mother and is the utmost of perfection at all times. I advised her that she would exhaust herself and miss some of the best moments with her children if she tried to do everything. My children are grown and I would pay SO much money to have an hour of cuddling in the bed reading them a bedtime story back. I definitely would have chose the bedtime story over cleaning the kitchen. The moments that you will miss the most when they grow up will be the everyday moments. We stretch ourselves so thin on a daily basis. We are superheroes some days. We normally do it out of love because we want the best for our children. Children cherish time and not perfection. We do it because of insecurities. I remember looking at the perfect moms when my boys were little in absolute envy. Now I know that perfect mother was just better at hiding whatever mess she had going on with her life from the general public.

TIP OF THE DAY- Don't waste NOT ONE HOUR of your life trying to compete with someone that is better at hiding their mess than you.

Take your kids to the park instead of the grocery store! Take the trip! Eat the cake! Visit with your parents! Enjoy every...single...hour.. Once the hour is gone, it's gone forever!

Let My Helpers United free up some of those hours to use in better ways!

"The most precious resource we all have is time." - Steve Jobs

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